The World is Being Shot2Hell!

Ok, it seems this whole world is being Shot2Hell!  When you look at what’s happening around the world… 84 killed and dozens more injured in Nice, France celebrating Bastille Day…  5 Dallas law enforcement officers gunned down, the Orlando massacre… The list goes on and on.   It’s easy to ask what the hell is going on? Sometimes, you just need to talk to a professional when you need to work through things in your life.  Here are some ways a professionally licensed counselor/therapist can help: You get a chance to voice your concerns to someone who will actually listen A Read More


Well, this was supposed to be an article for this month’s blog….  But, after the senseless terrorist attack in Orlando, I am postponing this month’s post in respect for the victims and their families.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them! 

When Your Life is a Country Song…

So, you say your life is like a country song?  Your wife ran off with your best friend and they drove off in your new truck and they ran over your dog as they were speeding away.  Well, that sure sounds like a giant country hit song!  Since we are on the topic on country music, we will take a look at country star Gary Allan.  His hit song, Life Ain’t Always Beautiful pretty much sums up the theme of this website. Gary Allan’s life story so far can pretty much be categorized as a country song.  He had humble Read More

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog about what happens when your plan for your life gets all Shot2Hell! We will take a look at numerous examples of plans being Shot2Hell and how people react and handle the circumstances they find themselves in… Anyway, check back for more posts as this blog gets underway.  Thanks.